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Ella's Deli's 1927 C.W. Parker Carry Us All Carousel

Few rides have the tradition and magic of an ornate carousel. Children and adults alike thrill at the opportunity to take a spin on Ella's Deli's Parker Carousel In Madison, Wisconsin. Ella's Deli is proud to be operating one of less than 75 known original carousels in this country. Originally built in 1927 in Leavenworth, Kansas, this carousel was operating in a park for 20 years in North Tonawonda, New York. The park closed and the carousel was dismantled, sold, and remained in storage. Heat and moisture caused quite a fair amount of damage and so the restoration took many months and great effort was involved.

A ride on a carousel was one of the simplest pleasures of a younger America. Throughout the country, in parks, fairgrounds, and traveling carnivals thousands of magical beasts danced and pranced, round and round to the music of the band organ. One by one the old carousels have disappeared; fire, flood, economics, and neglect have taken a heavy toll. Ella's carousel offers what is an increasingly unique opportunity to ride on a part of our past.

The fun begins in the spring and runs throughout the summer and fall. Stop by and enjoy a ride on a magnificent piece of history.

Tel: 608-241-5291
Hours: Daily 11:00am to 8:00pm
Ella's Deli and Ice Cream Parlor 2902 East Washington Ave., Madison, WI 53704 (608) 241-5291